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Frequently asked questions:


Q: Where is your shelter located?

A: We currently do not have a shelter. We are an adoption partner with PetSmart in Carson City where we house many of our current cats that are up for adoption but we primarily rely on foster homes.

Q: I have a cat/dog that I need to find a home for. Can I bring them to you?

A:  The majority of our animals are abandoned or taken from surrounding shelters.  We take owner surrendered pets when space is available.  We have a surrender fee of $25.00 to help off set medical costs.    


Q: A stray cat showed up at my house. What should I do?

A:  Check with Nevada Humane Society to add to their lost and found list.   Have kitty checked for a micro-chip.

Q: Are you affiliated with Nevada Humane Society?

A:  No, although we work closely with the shelter to find loving homes.

Q: Do you offer Spay/Neuter assistance?

A:  We have limited funding for spay/neuter. Nevada Humane Society Carson City has low cost spay and neuter for dogs and cats.  Give them a call at 887-2171 for information.

Q: What is the difference between a stray and a feral cat?

A:  A stray cat is a cat that has been abandoned by the owner.  These cats are friendly and adoptable. 
A feral cat is a cat that is fearful of people.  They have not been socialized and not adoptable.
A feral cat prefers to live outside and are excellent for rodent control.

Q:What is the fee to adopt a cat or dog from you?

A: Our adoption fee is $50.00 for cats and kittens.  All of our cats
are spayed/neutered, vaccinated, vet checked and micro chipped.

Q: I found a litter of kittens. What should I do?
 A: Give us a call~ we will try to help!